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Welcome to legislation database of Industry and Commerce Sector

This is legislation database of Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Managed and operating by Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Using all approved, certified and in force documents and regulations which open for public access and comment digitally. Public can download all document related to industrial and commerce.

Documents in this database are in PDF format in Lao and English. You can access to our legislation database for free and unlimited. The database contained laws, regulation, notice and more useful documents related to Industry and Commerce. You can download, search easily and doesn’t need to require any permission. For more information please contact our website (details are in Contact page).

Any comment and feedback on our draft legislation will be anonymous.

Additionally we will collecting any usage data in this website to further develop and improve this website.

This database website is supported by MeKong Institute (MI) with cooperation with MeKong-ROK Cooperation Fund (MKCF) and operating by Legislation Division, Ministry of Industry and Commerce.